Reapers, scions of death: Tied to the powers of death, a Reaper’s first ability flares to life when someone dies nearby. If the young Reaper is fairly strong, he or she may see death creep up on the person before it happens. Even if they cannot presage the death, the core Reaper ability allows them to see the spirit of the deceased separate from the body. Some Reapers choose to help the spirit pass on, others may be paralyzed by fear or dread, still others may try to assert command over the spirit. Regardless, they cannot deny what they’ve seen. Aside from the ability to see death, most of the rest of a Reaper’s powers will be very physical. Because death carries so many negative connotations, Reapers are a very fractured and secretive bloodline. The way they develop and use their powers remains highly regional even in the modern world.

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